Cleo Bedside Table

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Introducing Emma's Bedroom Cleo Bedside Table – a marvel of ingenuity and Mid-century modern design. Crafted from exquisite Borneo Teak wood with a natural finish adorning both the body and legs, its brown hue exudes warmth and timeless sophistication, fitting seamlessly into any residential or commercial space.

This isn't just a bedside table; it's a multifunctional piece. Featuring a pet bed and a convenient cubby, it offers a unique blend of style and practicality, showcasing Emma's Bedroom's dedication to innovative design within the realm of home décor.

Elevate your interior with Cleo's curved edges and rounded corners, embodying both safety and style. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or study spaces, it transforms mundane corners into cozy sanctuaries or enhances the ambiance of hotels, resorts, and cafes.

Redefine your décor with the Cleo Bedside Table – an essential companion that transcends typical furniture, offering versatility, style, and thoughtful functionality for both you and your furry friends.

Materials: Solid wood
Color: Brown
Finish: Natural finish

Bedside Table Dimensions: L 40 x W 40 x H 50 cm
Pet Bed Dimensions: L 36 x W 36 x H 31 cm