Mode (Rattan) Bedside Table

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Introducing the Morena Bedside Table, a masterpiece from Emma's Bedroom that effortlessly blends modernity with natural allure. Crafted with a meticulous combination of melamine board, natural rattan mesh, and sturdy metal, this nightstand is a testament to craftsmanship and style. Its captivating black body, adorned with electroplated gold legs, creates a striking contrast that's perfect for any interior.

The Morena Bedside Table features a single drawer showcasing intricate natural rattan mesh drawer face detail, adding a touch of texture and character to your space. The drawer handle, a black stone set within a gold frame, exudes opulence and refinement. Whether it graces your bedroom, living room, study room, or home office, this nightstand elevates your residential space with a touch of tropical bohemian charm.

Beyond the home, the Morena Bedside Table shines in commercial settings like hotels, motels, resorts, and cafes, enhancing the ambiance with its unique design. Available in classic Black, it complements a range of interior styles, from minimalism to bohemian chic.

Upgrade your interior with the Morena Bedside Table, where Emma's Bedroom brings you the perfect fusion of modern aesthetics and natural elements. Make a statement with this versatile piece that adds warmth and character to any space.

Material: Melamine board, solid wood, Rattan, and metal
Color: Black

Bedside Table Dimensions: L5 0.2 x D 40 x H 50.2 cm
Drawer Dimensions: L 50.2 x D 40 x H 21.6 cm

Assembly Required (Emma's Bedroom bedside table modular series may require minor drill holes and some pre-drilled holes that may not be required to the model, please refer the matching model no. assembly instruction for the accurate assembly process)