Raffy (Pattern) Bedside Table

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Introducing the Raffy Bedside Table by Emma's Bedroom, a marriage of contemporary design and refined craftsmanship. Created with a blend of melamine board/MDF and durable metal, this nightstand is as robust as it is stylish. The sleek black body paired with elegantly designed pedestal metal legs, finished with a combination of powder coating and gold plating, offers a sophisticated and modern touch to your living space.

The Raffy Bedside Table features a single drawer adorned with intricate Asian motif carving, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail. Its gold brushed metal drawer handle adds a hint of luxury and finesse. Whether it graces your bedroom, living room, study room, or home office, this nightstand effortlessly complements your residential space.

But the Raffy Bedside Table doesn't stop at home; it shines in commercial spaces like hotels, motels, resorts, cafes, and more, enhancing the ambiance with its distinctive design.

Elevate your interior with the Raffy Bedside Table, where Emma's Bedroom brings you the perfect blend of modern aesthetics and Asian-inspired elegance. Experience the art of functional beauty with this versatile piece that combines form and function seamlessly.

Materials: Melamine board/MDF and metal
Color Variations: Black, Navy Blue, Imperial Green

Bedside Table Dimensions: L 50.2 x D 40 x H 52.6 cm
Drawer Dimensions: L 50.2 x D 40 x H 21.6 cm

Assembly Required (Emma's Bedroom bedside table modular series may require minor drill holes and some pre-drilled holes that may not be required to the model, please refer the matching model no. assembly instruction for the accurate assembly process)